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GB 05 - The Sweetest Joy

Apple, Orange, Dragon Fruit, Banana, Kiwi, Pink Zebra Flower and Eustoma Pink Flower.

GB 09 - Indulgence Gift Basket

Rocher, English Breakfast Tea, Pink Lilies, Hot Pink Baby Breath and Hunter Mix

GB 03 - The Zesty Basket

Mango, Grapes, Apple, Orange, Kiwi And Dragon Fruit.

GB 06 - The Luxurious Zest

Apple, Orange, Dragon Fruit, Banana, Kiwi, Essence Chicken (6 Bottle), Red Roses and Baby Breath.

GB 02 - Fruity Supreme

Mango, Grapes, Apple, Orange, Banana, Kiwi, Carnation Flower and Baby Breath.

GB 11 - Double Happiness

Rocher, Earl Grey And English Breakfast Tea, Apple Cider, Pink Roses, Hunter Mix

GB 04 - Soaring Health

White Roses, Red Gerbera with Grapes, Mango, Apples & Orange