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Baby Gift Set | Newborn Baby Gifts Singapore

Here's how you can welcome a new born baby to the world with style: get the little one and parents a playful but unique and useful baby gift from Floral Singapore!

Besides just flowers and bouquets, Floral Singapore also has a wide variety of newborn baby gifts and baby hampers for the little one. We have over 20 gift choices! From hampers, high chairs, baby tonics, little decorative bouquets for a baby shower, plush toys or playmats, Floral Singapore has it all conveniently in our online store.

Simply hover your cursor over your choice of gift and click "Add to Cart" and head over to View Cart to make payment and we'll have It deliver to your doorstep ASAP.

Unsure? Consult our friendly team who will select the cutest but most utilitarian newborn baby gift to celebrate the baby's arrival.

BG 42 - Bloom Box with Toys


BG 24 - Bloom Box With B...