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Squeak-tacular New Year Deal!

by Floral Singapore Staff
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happy Chinese new year
You should be in the midst of fulfilling your chinese new year shopping checklist, but there may be one item that you would prefer to purchase not too early before the festive so that it stays fresh till the day your guests visit your house. 
Yes, we are talking about fresh chinese new year flowers/plants (年花). Flowers symbolise life and good fortune, and especially auspicious when it bears fruits. This is undoubtedly the key reason why you would often see chinese families having flowers and plants in their houses during CNY. 
How many types of CNY flowers/plants are you aware of? And when it comes to CNY gifting, what are some of the auspicious items that you can consider? 
CNY Flowers / Plants / Gifts 
Orchids -Available in an assortment of colors, orchids are popular as it symbolises abundance, luxury and purity 
Peach Blossoms - Bright and beautiful, peach plant is highly regarded in China as the peach fruit symbolises longevity, while the peach blossom signifies romance, prosperity and growth 
Peonies - Exuding feminity and full of charm, peonies is known as the flowers for the rich, and hence is highly popular during CNY
Pussy Willow - Full of fluff and abundance of branches, pussy willow symbolises growth and bountiful fortune. Chinese love to hang CNY ornaments onto the pussy willows, giving it more vibrancy. It is also a fun family activity as the kids can help with the decoration 
Mandarin Orange or Kumquat Tree - The name sounds like word for luck and wealth in mandarin, and its color resembles gold or money. Chinese often hang ang pow packets onto the branches for added luck. The small  trees are usually placed in pairs, one on each side of the door
CNY Hampers - There is no better way to gift a "tower of luck" to someone special than with the customised CNY hampers. CNY hampers are usually stuffed with auspicious pantry items so that the receivers would be blessed with abundance of food and luck through out the new year.  
We would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year 2020, and may the Year of Rat brings you abundance of good fortune and health. Spread the New Year joy and check out our CNY flowers and gifts today! 
by Floral Singapore Staff


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