How to Select the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

How to Select the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

Flowers are musts on every occasion like birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary etc. Because flowers help us to express our variety of sentiments. This is the perfect choice to convey your exact feelings to the recipient.

For thousands of years we have been giving flowers to one another to express our feelings. It became a traditional presentation for many occasions. Sometime flowers are the perfect way of conveying your feeling without words. Below our guidelines will help you to pick the right flowers for every occasion.

Congratulations Flowers:

Right Flowers for Every Occasion

There are plenty of occasions for which you need to say congratulations, such as graduation, for a new job, new home, grand openings and flowers are the perfect way to convey your wishes. So, there are different type of reason for sending them a flower, you might have to put some of your own thoughts into the type of flowers you are sending.

For example, if you are buying Grand Opening Flowers to send your friend who is opening his new business, then you should add some encouraging words.

Birthday Flowers:

Right Flowers for All Occasion

Birthday is a most important occasion for gifts. Flowers are the perfect choice for birthday gifts. Because it will represent more beautiful and elegant. Most of the girls prefer flower as a gift for their birthday. So, if you are planning to purchase birthday flower bouquet to your loved one, then you should know about their favourite colors. Consider your loved one birth month is another way to choosing a right flower for their birthday.

  • Carnation Flower – January (Best Choice for Mother’s Day)
  • Lily Flower – May
  • Roses – June
  • Chrysanthemum - November
  • Larkspur - July
  • Iris - February
  • Gladiolus - August
  • Daffodil - March
  • Daisy – April

Anniversary Flowers:

How to Select the Right Flowers for Occasion

Fresh flowers are the perfect gift to a couple on the anniversary of their wedding. Because flower is a symbol of love. There are plenty of anniversary flowers that match the number of years that your friends or relatives have been together. You should consider the current occasion before choosing your traditional flower for a couple.

Sympathy Flowers:

How to Select the Right Flowers for All Occasion

Condolence Wreath is the perfect choice to express your sympathy to someone who has recently suffered a bereavement. This flower is representing the hope and life at a difficult time. White sympathy flowers are the best choice to express your condolences. You should add your condolence message card with your sympathy flowers, which will give them strength to come back from their great loss.

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