How to Make Your Own Hand Flower Bouquet - Simple Tips

Make Your Own Hand Flower Bouquet

Simple Tips for Make Your Own Hand Bouquet

In this world nothing is impossible. But when it comes to making our own flower bouquet is not too easy without your effort. Now a days it’s too tough to hire a florist you are not only price quoted for the flowers, but also the labor put into making your floral arrangements. So, the simple way is to make your own hand bouquet to take the labor out of the cost. In this way you’ll be spending a lot less money.

Don’t Afraid:

There are lot of options in our world and no one said that you had to go only one place to get your flowers. With other aspects of your wedding you may have to be loyal to one particular supplier or vendor. You can find your flowers, do what works for your budget. If you want to mix other flowers with roses just go for it! You can make your own style here. Flowers are always beautiful and it will never make ugly.


I’m sure lots of you should forgot seasonality. It is a most common phrase in the flower industry. Because the flowers are having very seasonal growing patterns, which you definitely need to think about when choosing certain flowers. Some of the flowers are more expensive because of seasonality. Those flowers are only available in some seasons like summer or winter. So, keep seasonality in your mind when you are choosing flowers for bouquet.

What You Need:

  1. Pink Roses
  2. Baby Breath
  3. Onion Glass Leaf
  4. Craft Paper
  5. Natural Colour Raffia String
  6. Poplar Leaf
  7. Water
  8. Floral Tape
  9. A Bucket

Let’s Start:

First you have to buy a flowers from somewhere like flower market, grocery flowers or online florist. Make a list what your budget, what kind of flowers you want, and how many flowers you’ll need. Then you have to do some research. If your local grocery store or online flower florist having a stock of awesome quality flowers for a great price, then go that route. And if a flower market is your best bet, click away! Just find out what’s best for you and your budget.

Next thing is set up a best workplace. If you are using your house means and the best place is kitchen. Because clean up is easy, and if you have a lot of counter space, even better! Big buckets always needed for keep all flowers.

Below we shared the complete video for your remaining work. We are the best florist in Singapore to ready to deliver all kind of hand made bouquet to anywhere in Singapore within same day.

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