Date Ideas For You and Your Partner

Date Ideas For You and Your Partner

Remember when the both of you first got together? You know, the sweet, innocent laughs. The impromptu dates and late night exploring together?

We all went through that. But slowly and slowly, the longer the both of you are together. It is totally normal to struggle to think of date ideas.

There is only so many good movies in the season to go to the cinema. There is only so many malls the both of you can go shopping together.

Which is why, here are some unique and cute date ideas for you and your partner!

1. Art Jamming

A great way for the both of you to express your creativity and let out your inner Picasso. Painting out of line, drawing out of shape, and even drawing a face portraits of each other and giving it as a gift to one another at the end of the session. It is cute, thoughtful and fun for the both of you.

2. Flower Workshop

We have all been there. Its Valentines day, and you are scratching your head, pulling your hair, trying to think of what is the best gift you can give to your partner. Then you went online to find how much does a bouquet of roses costs. Only to get surprised by how expensive it is. Not worry not, Floral Singapore got you.

Floral Singapore offers great and high quality flower delivered to your doorstep with just a single click of a button. At the same time, they also hold flower workshops. A great time for you to bond with each other over flowers. And showing appreciation to each other through the love of flowers. 

And, considering how expensive a bouquet of roses can be during gifting seasons. You might as well arrange a time for you and your partner to attend a flower workshop. You still get a bouquet of flowers at the end of the day. On top of that, wonderful memories together during the time arranging flowers.

3. Picnic

As cliché as it is, going for a picnic is an awesome date idea. Imagine this, the both of you going for some shopping in the morning. Then prepare the food together, then head down to Marina Bay for a breezy, chill picnic. Enjoying the presence of each other, ignoring all the noises and distractions that we face in our daily lives. 

Ultimately, it is about the quality time you spend with each other. And something new every now and then keeps the spark between the both of you alive. The key to a long and healthy relationship is of course, appreciating the things that the both of you have done for each other. A cute little date like this, helps the both of you to appreciate one another a little more too.

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